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Hand painting a vibrant face design on a piece of furniture, capturing the essence of human creativity in art.
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Embracing the Future: Flip Runway Awards Explores New Horizons with AI-Generated Art, Inspiring Creativity—without replacing Artists

In the ever-evolving world of social media, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. Flip Runway Awards, a subsidiary of Flip Runway Distribution, is doing just that by incorporating AI-generated images into its…

Unveiling the “Refinishing Renaissance” Exhibition: A Confluence of Excellence, Creativity, and Live Artistry
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Unveiling the “Refinishing Renaissance” Exhibition: A Confluence of Excellence, Creativity, and Live Artistry

Hello, artistic souls! We’re bubbling with excitement as we draw nearer to 15th-18th August 2024 – dates when the historic Pie Factory Margate Gallery transforms into a hotspot of furniture art and creativity….



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