Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business6

Hey, paint pro! Ever wondered why some painting businesses soar while others just manage to scrape by? The secret sauce often lies in the core of the business: its mission, vision, and values. Understanding your “why” can set you apart in a crowded market.

For many of us, the journey into entrepreneurship is a leap of faith, and that’s exactly where my story begins. Back when I started Flip Runway Distribution, I had a good basic understanding of marketing and PR. I had previously completed a Fashion Marketing and PR Short Course at Central Saint Martins. But diving into the world of branding and finding my unique brand voice was a daunting challenge.

Like many entrepreneurs, I grappled with imposter syndrome and struggled to articulate what truly made Flip Runway Distribution special. I understand how hard this journey can be, especially for creative individuals like you.

However, through dedication and a commitment to the journey, I realised the transformative power of defining your mission, vision, and values. These elements became the compass that not only guided my business but also gave me the confidence to speak up and connect with my audience authentically.

So, let’s dive in and explore how to define these crucial elements for your painting business, just as I did for Flip Runway Distribution.

MissionDefines the purpose of your business
VisionSets the future direction
ValuesGuides actions and company culture

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Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business5
Explore how your mission, vision, and values shape your painting business.

Your Mission: The Heartbeat of Your Business

Your mission is your business’s raison d’être, the most important reason or purpose for your business’s existence. It’s the heartbeat that keeps your painting business alive and kicking. But how do you figure out your “why”?

Simple. Fill in the blanks:

“We get paid to ___________” or “I work to ___________.”

Examples For Furniture Paint Retailers:

  1. We get paid to empower DIY enthusiasts with high-quality paint that transforms furniture into statement pieces.
  2. I work to provide a curated selection of eco-friendly paints that make old furniture look and feel brand new.
  3. We get paid to be the go-to destination for all furniture refinishing needs, from paints to brushes and beyond.

For Pro Furniture Painters:

  1. I work to give forgotten furniture a second chance at life through bespoke painting services.
  2. We get paid to masterfully revamp your furniture, making it not just functional but a piece of art.

For instance, your mission could be: “To provide top-notch painting services that transform spaces and enrich lives.”

Quick Tips for Crafting a Mission Statement:

  1. Be Specific: State what you do clearly.
  2. Be Brief: Keep it to one sentence.
  3. Be Authentic: Make it true to your business.
  4. Fill in the Blanks: Use the “We get paid to” or “I work to” formula to find your “why.”

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Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business14
Dive into the world of branding and discover how your mission, vision, and values influence your business strategy.

Vision: Your Roadmap for the Future

Your vision is your long-term goal, where you see your business in the future. It’s your roadmap, guiding you through the ups and downs. For example, “To be the leading sustainable furniture restoration service in the UK.”

Time FramePresent-focusedFuture-oriented
What it DoesDefines the purpose of your business nowSets the future direction
Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business10
Discover how your business’s mission, vision, and values come to life on your workspace.

Your Values: The Pillars

Your values are the principles that guide how you do business. They guide your actions, decisions, and company culture. Here are some values you might consider:

  1. Quality: Delivering exceptional results every time.
  2. Integrity: Being honest and transparent with clients.
  3. Innovation: Continuously improving techniques and services.
  4. Customer-Centric: Putting the customer’s needs first.
  5. Sustainability: Using eco-friendly products and practices.

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Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business11
Explore the creative and strategic aspects of defining your mission, vision, and values.

Real-Life Example: The Turquoise Iris

Owned by artist and creative business coach, Dionne Woods, The Turquoise Iris is based in Oklahoma. It exists to help creatives define and amplify their unique points of view through workshops, coaching, and online tutorials. While painted furniture, art, and merchandise are at the core of The Turquoise Iris’s work, the growth of artists, creators, and makers drives Dionne to connect with her audience worldwide.


“To inspire growth in artists, creators, and makers by providing workshops, coaching, and online tutorials.”


“To be a global platform that nurtures the growth of artists, creators, and makers.”


  1. Creativity: Encouraging unique points of view.
  2. Community: Building a network of like-minded creators.
  3. Education: Offering workshops and tutorials for skill development.

We can conclude that The Turquoise Iris serves as a stellar example of a business that has clearly defined its mission, vision, and values, thereby creating a strong brand identity and community around it.

Final Summary Table

Real-LifeExample of The Turquoise Iris
ConclusionImportance of defining these elements

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Discover: Workshops & Retreats by The Turquoise Iris

Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business13
The tools of creativity and strategy come together on a painter’s desk.

Translating Mission, Vision, and Values into Social Media and Email Messaging

Meet Jane, The Paint Pro 🙍🏼‍♀️

Let’s consider Jane, a paint pro who specialises in furniture refinishing. She’s got her mission, vision, and values all worked out.


“To transform old furniture into art pieces that tell a story.”


“To be the go-to expert for furniture refinishing in her local community.”


  1. Craftsmanship: Attention to detail in every brushstroke.
  2. Sustainability: Using eco-friendly paints and materials.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Ensuring every client loves their transformed furniture.
Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business8
Unleash your creativity with a visual wall of inspiration and brand touchpoints.

Social Media Messaging

Jane uses her mission to create engaging Instagram posts that showcase before-and-after photos of her projects, each piece telling a unique story. She uses hashtags like #FurnitureStories and #TransformWithJane to align with her mission.

Her vision comes alive through Facebook Live sessions where she shares tips and tricks, positioning herself as the local expert. She often uses phrases like “Your Local Furniture Artist” in her bio and posts.

Her values are highlighted in her Twitter polls and discussions, asking her audience about their views on sustainable materials or customer service, thereby engaging them in conversations that matter to her brand.

Discover the power of brand colours and personal touchpoints.

Email Messaging

Jane’s monthly newsletter is a direct reflection of her mission, vision, and values. She shares:

  • DIY Tips: Aligning with her mission to transform furniture into art.
  • Community Highlights: Featuring customer testimonials and local events, reinforcing her vision.
  • Special Offers: On eco-friendly products, resonating with her value of sustainability.

Quick Takeaway Table

PlatformMessaging Focus
Social MediaEngaging, Visual, Community-building
EmailInformative, Personal, Value-driven

By aligning her social media and email messaging with her mission, vision, and values, Jane not only builds a strong brand but also forms a deeper connection with her audience.

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Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business17
Dive into the world of brand strategy and discover the essence of time management.

20 Social Media Quotes and Captions Inspired by Jane’s Mission

  1. 🎨✨ Transforming furniture isn’t just our craft; it’s our mission to bring your vision to life. #FurnitureArt #MissionDriven
  2. 🖌️ Every stroke of paint we apply is a step towards enriching your space and your life. #FurnitureMagic #ArtisticMission
  3. 🕰️ Join us on our journey to preserve the beauty and history of antique furniture. #AntiqueRestoration #HeritagePreservation
  4. 🌿 Creativity meets sustainability in every piece we create. Be part of the movement. #EcoFriendlyDecor #SustainableArt
  5. ♻️ Discover the magic of upcycling with us – where every piece tells a story of renewal. #UpcycledFurniture #RenewableArt
  6. 💖 Our mission: to make your home a canvas of love, nostalgia, and artistic expression. #HomeDecor #ArtfulLiving
  7. 🌍 Choosing us means choosing a more sustainable future for your furniture. #SustainableLiving #EthicalDesign
  8. 🌈 Vibrant, personalized, and uniquely yours – that’s the promise of our custom colors. #CustomFurniture #UniqueDesigns
  9. 🌱 Explore the endless possibilities of furniture transformation with our eco-conscious approach. #EcoFriendlyDesign #GreenLiving
  10. 🎨 From modern to masterpiece – our mission is to redefine furniture design. #FurnitureDesign #ModernArt
  11. 🎨 Join us in creating a world where furniture is not just functional but also a work of art. #FurnitureArtistry #ArtisticLiving
  12. 🪑 With every stroke, we breathe new life into cherished pieces, preserving their legacy. #FurnitureLegacy #ArtisticPreservation
  13. 🌈 Let’s turn your furniture dreams into reality, one vibrant color at a time. #FurnitureDreams #ColorfulLiving
  14. 🌿 Our commitment to sustainability is as deep as our love for furniture transformations. #SustainableCraft #EcoArt
  15. 🎨 Unleash your inner artist with our creative, upcycled furniture pieces. #CreativeDesign #UpcycledArt
  16. 🌟 Join our journey of restoring the past and transforming it into a more beautiful future. #FurnitureRestoration #Transformation
  17. 🖼️ Each piece we create is a testament to our mission: merging art and furniture. #ArtAndFurniture #CraftedMasterpieces
  18. 🛠️ Our values drive us to bring you the best in craftsmanship, creativity, and sustainability. #Craftsmanship #SustainableArtistry
  19. 🪑 Experience the magic of bespoke furniture, crafted with your unique preferences in mind. #BespokeFurniture #CustomCraft
  20. 🌟 At the heart of our mission is community, where learning and creativity come together. #CommunityArt #CreativeJourney

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The art of brand identity in the palm of your hands.

20 Social Media Quotes and Captions Inspired by Jane’s Vision

  1. 🌟 Our vision is a world where every piece of furniture is a work of art, and you’re invited to join the transformation. #FurnitureArtistry #VisionaryDesign
  2. 🏡 Imagine a future where your home tells your unique story through artful, upcycled pieces. It’s not just a vision; it’s our promise. #HomeDecor #UpcycledArt
  3. 🌿 In the future, we see a world where the beauty of antique furniture continues to shine, echoing its rich history. #AntiqueRestoration #PreservingHeritage
  4. ♻️ Our vision embraces a sustainable tomorrow, where eco-friendly practices and furniture design go hand in hand. #EcoFriendlyLiving #SustainableDesign
  5. 🎨 Picture a space where your creativity knows no bounds, thanks to bespoke furniture tailored to your style. That’s our vision. #BespokeFurniture #CreativeLiving
  6. 🪑 Our dream is a world where craftsmanship thrives, and vintage treasures find their way into loving homes. #Craftsmanship #VintageCharm
  7. 🌅 Envision a future where furniture isn’t just functional; it’s a canvas for artistic expression. Join us on this creative journey. #FurnitureDesign #ArtisticFuture
  8. 🏡 Our vision includes homes adorned with pieces that carry stories of love, nostalgia, and artistic flair. #ArtfulLiving #NostalgiaCraft
  9. 🌍 We’re committed to a vision of a more sustainable, eco-conscious industry that benefits us all. Join the movement. #SustainableFuture #EcoArtistry
  10. 🎨 Unlock a world where your imagination takes center stage, guided by our commitment to creativity and innovation. #CreativeDesign #InnovativeArt
  11. 🪑 We believe in a future where bespoke furniture is as unique as your personality, reflecting your individuality. #PersonalizedLiving #CustomCraft
  12. 🏡 Join us in shaping a future where homes become art galleries, and every piece of furniture is a masterpiece. #HomeArt #FurnitureGallery
  13. ♻️ Our vision extends to a world where eco-friendly practices become the norm, creating a greener, more sustainable future. #GreenLiving #EcoDesign
  14. 🌟 Imagine a world where upcycled furniture pieces inspire creativity and bring joy to every corner of your home. #UpcycledArt #JoyfulLiving
  15. 🏡 Our vision encompasses homes filled with restored vintage gems, preserving their timeless beauty and stories. #VintageBeauty #PreservedHistory
  16. 🎨 Step into a future where art and furniture are one, and every piece is a canvas for self-expression. #ArtAndFurniture #CreativeCanvas
  17. 🌍 Our commitment to sustainability is our vision for a better, more eco-conscious world, starting with furniture. #SustainableLiving #EcoFuture
  18. 🪑 Join us in crafting bespoke furniture that reflects your essence, turning your vision into reality. #BespokeCraft #VisionToReality
  19. 🌅 In our vision, homes are not just spaces but reflections of your unique style and personal stories. #PersonalizedSpaces #UniqueHomes
  20. 🏡 Our vision celebrates a community of creative minds coming together, sharing knowledge and inspiration. #CreativeCommunity #KnowledgeSharing

Quick Takeaway Table

Local ExpertiseEmphasising local know-how
CommunityBuilding local relationships
QualityShowcasing local standards

These quotes and captions are perfect for Jane to use across her social media platforms, helping her to build her reputation as the go-to local expert in line with her vision.

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Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business1
A creative canvas of paper and nature-inspired artistry.

20 Social Media Quotes and Captions Inspired by Jane’s Values


  1. “Craftsmanship isn’t just a skill; it’s a value we live by. 🛠️ #CraftsmanshipMatters”
  2. “Every brushstroke counts. That’s the level of detail we bring to each project. 🖌️ #DetailOriented”
  3. “Quality over quantity, always. 🌟 #QualityFirst”
  4. “Craftsmanship is the invisible hand that adds magic to each piece. ✨ #InvisibleMagic”


  1. “Good for your home, great for the planet. 🌍 #EcoFriendly”
  2. “We believe in second chances, for furniture and for the Earth. ♻️ #SecondChances”
  3. “Sustainability isn’t a trend; it’s a value. 🌱 #SustainabilityMatters”
  4. “Refinishing over replacing. That’s how we roll. 🔄 #SustainableChoices”

Customer Satisfaction

  1. “Your smile is our ultimate goal. 😊 #CustomerSatisfaction”
  2. “We’re not happy until you’re thrilled. 🤩 #ThrillFactor”
  3. “Listening to our customers isn’t a policy; it’s a value. 👂 #WeListen”
  4. “Your home, your style, your satisfaction. 🏠 #YourHomeYourWay”

Mixed Values

  1. “Crafting sustainable beauty, one satisfied customer at a time. 🎨 #TripleWin”
  2. “Where craftsmanship meets sustainability. 🤝 #PerfectMatch”
  3. “Your satisfaction is our sustainability plan. 🌿 #SustainableSatisfaction”
  4. “Quality craftsmanship for quality lives. 🌟 #QualityLife”
  5. “We’re in the business of exceeding expectations. 🚀 #AboveAndBeyond”
  6. “Sustainable practices, satisfied customers. That’s our craft. 🌱 #OurCraft”
  7. “Crafting today for a sustainable and satisfying tomorrow. 🛠️ #FutureFocused”
  8. “Your satisfaction fuels our craftsmanship and sustainability. 🔄 #FullCircle”

Quick Takeaway Table

CraftsmanshipEmphasizing skill and quality
SustainabilityHighlighting eco-friendly practices
Customer SatisfactionFocusing on customer happiness

These quotes and captions are perfect for Jane to use across her social media platforms, helping her to build a brand that truly reflects her values.

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Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business4
Discover the crucial brand touchpoints that elevate your business.

Jane’s Furniture Artistry: Homepage Copy

Hero Section


“Transforming Old Furniture into Art Pieces That Tell a Story”


“Your Go-To Expert for Furniture Refinishing in [Local Area]”

Call to Action

“Discover Our Artistry”

About Us Section


“Who We Are”


“At Jane’s Furniture Artistry, we’re not just about paint and polish; we’re about craftsmanship, sustainability, and your satisfaction. We’re your neighbours, your local experts, and your go-to for all things furniture refinishing.”

Call to Action

“Learn More About Our Values”

Services Section


“Our Services”


“From tables to chairs, from drab to fab, we offer a range of services that align with our core values. Quality craftsmanship, eco-friendly practices, and customer satisfaction are at the heart of what we do.”

Call to Action

“Explore Our Services”

Testimonials Section


“What Our Customers Are Saying”


“Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. But don’t just take our word for it; hear it from our happy customers.”

Call to Action

“Read Testimonials”

Contact Us Section


“Get in Touch”


“Ready to transform your furniture and tell a new story? Contact us today. We’re here to bring your vision to life, sustainably and skillfully.”

Call to Action

“Contact Us Now”

Quick Takeaway Table

Website SectionCore Value Highlighted
About UsMission, Vision, Values
ServicesCraftsmanship, Sustainability
TestimonialsCustomer Satisfaction

By aligning her homepage copy with her mission, vision, and values, Jane not only builds a cohesive brand but also attracts the right customers who resonate with her core principles.

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Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business7

Jane’s Furniture Artistry: Welcome Email Series

Email 1: Welcome to Our Community

Subject Line

“Welcome to Jane’s Furniture Artistry: Where Furniture Tells a Story”


“Hello [Subscriber’s Name],

We’re thrilled to have you join our community! At Jane’s Furniture Artistry, our mission is to transform old furniture into art pieces that tell a story.

Ready to discover the art of furniture transformation? Click below to explore our latest projects.

Explore Our Portfolio

Best, Jane”

Call to Action

“Discover the Art of Furniture”

Email 2: Meet Your Local Expert

Subject Line

“Get to Know Jane: Your Go-To Expert for Furniture Refinishing”


“Hi [Subscriber’s Name],

Ever wondered who’s behind all these incredible transformations? Meet Jane, your local expert for furniture refinishing in [Local Area].

Want to learn more about Jane’s journey and expertise? Click below.

Meet Jane

Cheers, Jane”

Call to Action

“Learn More About Jane”

Email 3: Our Values, Your Satisfaction

Subject Line

“What Drives Us: Craftsmanship, Sustainability, and Your Satisfaction”


“Hello [Subscriber’s Name],

At Jane’s Furniture Artistry, we’re driven by three core values:

  1. Craftsmanship: Quality in every brushstroke.
  2. Sustainability: Eco-friendly practices for a better planet.
  3. Customer Satisfaction: Your happiness is our ultimate goal.

Ready to experience our values in action? Check out our services below.

Explore Our Services

Warm regards, Jane”

Call to Action

“Discover Our Services”

Quick Takeaway Table

EmailCore Value Highlighted
Meet Your Local ExpertVision
Our Values, Your SatisfactionValues

By aligning her Welcome Email Series with her mission, vision, and values, Jane not only sets the tone for her brand but also builds a meaningful relationship with her new subscribers.

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Unleash your creativity and potential with Flip Runway.

Crafted Scenarios: Meet Your Imaginary Paint Pros in the Furniture Painting Industry

Let’s dive deeper and look at some more examples of imaginary Paint Pros in the Furniture Painting Industry:

Jane, The Antique Restoration Artisan

  • Mission: Jane breathes life into cherished antique furniture, preserving their historical significance.
  • Vision: To be the trusted name in antique restoration, safeguarding the heritage of each piece.
  • Values: Heritage preservation, craftsmanship, attention to detail.

Jane, The Contemporary Upcycler

  • Mission: Jane transforms modern furniture into unique, artful pieces that inspire creativity.
  • Vision: To redefine the boundaries of furniture design, one upcycled piece at a time.
  • Values: Creativity, innovation, sustainable design.

Jane, The Shabby Chic Expert

  • Mission: Jane brings romance and charm to homes through shabby chic furniture transformations.
  • Vision: To create a world where every piece of furniture tells a story of love and nostalgia.
  • Values: Romanticism, artistic expression, attention to aesthetics.

Jane, The Eco-Friendly Refinisher

  • Mission: Jane promotes sustainable living by using eco-friendly materials and practices in furniture refinishing.
  • Vision: To lead the industry towards a more sustainable and eco-conscious future.
  • Values: Sustainability, eco-friendliness, ethical business practices.

Jane, The Custom Colour Specialist

  • Mission: Jane helps clients find their perfect furniture colour and brings vibrancy to their spaces.
  • Vision: To be the go-to destination for personalised and colourful furniture transformations.
  • Values: Personalisation, colour expertise, customer satisfaction.

Creative Decorative Furniture Refinishers with Retail Stores:

Jane, The Artistic Curator

  • Mission: Jane blends art and furniture into unique, hand-painted treasures.
  • Vision: To create a space where furniture becomes an art gallery, inspiring creativity.
  • Values: Artistic expression, creativity, uniqueness.

Jane, The DIY Guru

  • Mission: Jane empowers individuals with the knowledge and tools to embark on their furniture painting journeys.
  • Vision: To be the ultimate resource for DIY furniture enthusiasts, fostering a sense of accomplishment.
  • Values: Empowerment, education, community.

Jane, The Vintage Treasure Trove

  • Mission: Jane unearths and restores vintage furniture gems, preserving their timeless beauty.
  • Vision: To be the preferred destination for vintage enthusiasts, offering curated nostalgia.
  • Values: Nostalgia, preservation, curation.

Jane, The Bespoke Boutique

  • Mission: Jane crafts bespoke furniture pieces tailored to the unique preferences of each customer.
  • Vision: To be the destination where customers co-create furniture that reflects their individuality.
  • Values: Personalisation, craftsmanship, customer-centricity.

Jane, The Workshop Wonderland

  • Mission: Jane fosters a community of furniture enthusiasts by providing learning opportunities.
  • Vision: To create a space where creativity flows, and individuals become skilled furniture artisans.
  • Values: Community, education, craftsmanship.
Flip Runway How Mission Vision And Values Shape Your Pro Painting Business9
A different perspective on the artistic fusion of branding and creativity.

Remember, in the world of business, it’s not just about what you do but why you do it. Your mission, vision, and values are the compass that guides you, setting you on a path towards creating a brand that’s uniquely yours. When you stay true to these guiding principles, you become an original, a visionary, and a force that inspires others.

As you journey on this path, you might notice shadows attempting to mimic your steps. But here’s the secret: while they may follow in your footsteps, they can never truly replicate the essence of your mission, the depth of your vision, or the strength of your values. Your uniqueness is your shield, and your commitment to your core is your strength.

So, embrace your mission, nurture your vision, and live by your values, for they are the keys to your enduring authenticity. Keep painting your own path, and let the world see that your brand is not just about what you do—it’s about why you do it. And that, my friends, is a brushstroke of true distinction.


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