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The Limitations of SMART Goals

In times of economic uncertainty, it can be tempting to anchor ourselves to the familiar SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely – goal setting framework. However, for paintpreneurs with ambition, adhering strictly to this method may unintentionally curb your expansion potential.

Navigating an economy teetering on the brink of a recession, you might instinctively lean towards setting ‘achievable’ and ‘realistic’ goals. While these could help maintain your current operation, do they enable you to achieve a work-life balance, partake in well-deserved breaks, or generate enough to not only weather the storm but also support causes dear to your heart? It’s clear that while SMART goals are ‘safe’, they may not catapult you to your desired success.

In fact, such conservative goals could unintentionally cap your aspirations. Let’s consider an ‘achievable’ aim of boosting your sales by 10% from last year. You might put in an extra 10% effort, invest 10% more in advertising, or attempt to expand your customer base by 10%. Consequently, your earnings might rise by approximately 10%. While this may be momentarily satisfying, did that goal truly inspire you to push beyond your comfort zone? Or, did it inadvertently set a subconscious limit on your potential, preventing you from achieving more?

Embracing Ambitious Goals

Successful paintpreneurs, even when faced with economic uncertainty, understand the power of audacious goals that initially appear unattainable.

They don’t merely aim for a 10% increase; they strive for a 50% or even 100% leap. They push their boundaries and find innovative and efficient ways to reach these lofty targets. While they remain open to the prospect of putting in extra work, at least in the short term, they know that simply working harder isn’t always the solution.

Of course, declaring ambitious goals isn’t enough. You need to match them with action. This is precisely why those who set aside SMART goals often find greater success. By embracing what might initially seem impossible, you push beyond self-imposed limitations and reach for extraordinary outcomes.

Yes, you might not achieve a 100% increase, but you’re almost guaranteed to surpass a mere 10% improvement. So, stretch your boundaries. Set ambitious, audacious goals. Even if you fall short, you’ll be significantly further ahead than those ‘safe’ goals could have ever taken you.


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