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Have you run out of ideas for what to post on social media to help promote your paint business? Don’t worry, we have a list of over 40 evergreen social media ideas to get you started!

What is an “Evergreen” Social Media Post?

When we say a social media topic is evergreen, this means it can be posted any time of year, regardless of the season or date. Unlike posts that have a time limit, such as posts about holiday or seasonal promotions, evergreen posts can be included in your social media calendar whenever you need to publish content.

 Examples of Evergreen Social Media Content

Check out some examples of evergreen content we’ve posted to Fusion Mineral Paint UK’s social media accounts:

  • This Facebook post helps followers understand how they can create a shabby chic crackled texture look with their next paint project.
  • This Instagram post includes a customer review for our paint products.
  • This Twitter post helps followers learn how to make their paint job more durable and long-lasting.

All of these posts could be published any time of year, so they’re evergreen!

41 Evergreen Topics to Post About On Social Media

Get creative with your evergreen post ideas! Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Share customer testimonials about your products. Borrow 1-2 sentence reviews from your Facebook page, Google Business page, and product pages from your website to post.
  2. Ask for customers to leave reviews for your products. Share direct links where they can post their reviews on Facebook, Google Business, and your website.
  3. Share videos (including Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok videos) showing how you’ve transformed furniture pieces with Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk Paint.
  4. Share before/after photos showing how you’ve transformed furniture with Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk Paint.
  5. Share an Instagram carousel of photos showing your painting projects in progress at each stage of your painting process.
  6. Share videos zooming in to feature one specific part of a painting project you’ve completed.
  7. Share videos zooming out from one part of your project to show the entire, completed piece you’ve just finished painting.
  8. Share tutorial videos showing how to achieve a particular look with furniture paint.
  9. Share an Instagram carousel showing how to achieve a particular look with furniture paint during each step of the process.
  10. Share “throwback” images of projects you’ve completed in the past using Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk Paint.
  11. Share inspirational quotes.
  12. Share a stop-motion video showing all angles/positions of a completed paint project.
  13. Share a time-lapse video showing a project being completed.
  14. Share an Instagram carousel pointing out the benefits of using Fusion Mineral Paint and/or Fusion Milk Paint, with one benefit dedicated to each slide.
  15. Answer FAQs you receive about the products you sell.
  16. Describe a paint colour in extreme detail.
  17. Share photos of a paint project and talk about your inspiration for how you’ve decided to paint the furniture piece.
  18. Describe or list the types of people who would most enjoy using Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk Paint.
  19. Host giveaways where followers can enter to win free paint products by tagging a friend in the comments.
  20. Share polls asking people for their opinions about different topics. For example, which colour do you like best?
  21. Share unboxing videos whenever you get new shipments of Fusion Mineral Paint and Fusion Milk Paint.
  22. Share a stop-motion video of a completed paint project rotating.
  23. Share tips for achieving different paint looks and styles.
  24. Share photos and descriptions of different types of paint and interior design styles.
  25. Share photos showing all the supplies you need to complete a particular paint project.
  26. Share a stop-motion video showing different product options, such as different paint colours that fit within a particular theme.
  27. Ask questions that followers can answer in the comments.
  28. Share “How It Works” videos showing how to use Fusion Mineral Paint products.
  29. Group paint products into “collections” or colour stories to give inspiration for followers’ colour palettes.
  30. Share fun facts about your company.
  31. Introduce your team members.
  32. Post a “share screen” video showing how to take advantage of an offer on your website, sign up for your e-newsletter, or something similar.
  33. Interview customers about their favorite products.
  34. Highlight your best-selling paint products.
  35. Share behind-the-scenes photos and videos of your team. For example, share a video of employees preparing products for shipping.
  36. Share checklists; for example, a list of every item you need to complete a particular paint project.
  37. Share “fill in the blank” statements; for example, “My most recent painting project was __________.”
  38. Talk about the aspects of your store that make it unique.
  39. Give video tours of your store.
  40. Talk about a psychological or emotional benefit of using one of your products.
  41. Define common terms and phrases used in the world of painting.

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