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Our Mission: Empowering Paint Retailers To…



achieving success togetheR in the RETAIL industry

UNLOCK the potential of your furniture paint business with Flip Runway.

Are you a small, independent, niche paint retailer or paint professional looking to thrive in a competitive and fast-paced industry? Look no further than Flip Runway. Our mission is to empower paint flippers like you to flourish by offering a diverse range of high-quality paint products, expert support, and industry-specific resources. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by small businesses, our dedicated team is driven to assist you in reaching your goals.

From premium paints to comprehensive solutions, we provide the tools and resources to propel your business to new heights. Whether you’re just starting out or seeking expansion, count on us to support your journey to success.

Don’t let a competitive industry or challenging economic climate hold you back. At Flip Runway, we are committed to empowering you to thrive and achieve success, regardless of the economic conditions. Our range of high-quality products, expert support, and industry-specific resources are designed to support your business through any economic climate. Contact us today to explore our diverse range of products and services tailored to your needs and ensure your business’s resilience and growth.

OUR VALUES: quality, innovation, sustainability and sustainability.


We understand that quality is vital for the success of your business. That’s why we are fully committed to offering you the highest quality paint products and refinishing accessories available in the market. With our top-notch products, you can confidently provide your customers with the best options while achieving your business goals.


At Flip Runway, we embrace innovation. We continuously seek new ways to support our customers’ business growth, consistently improving our products and services to better meet their needs. Our dedication to innovation ensures that we stay ahead of industry trends, empowering you to thrive in a dynamic market.


Sustainability lies at the heart of Flip Runway’s values. We are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact and promoting eco-friendly practices across all aspects of our business. By partnering with Flip Runway, you align with a distributor that shares your commitment to a more sustainable future.


Honesty is the cornerstone of our business ethos. We believe in transparent and straightforward communication with our customers, ensuring you always know exactly what to expect. Our commitment to honesty means you can trust us to provide accurate information and reliable service, fostering long-term, trustworthy partnerships.

Dedicated Support for Independent Paint Retailers

ROCK your business with the best!

Building Lasting Relationships

OUR SUPPORT: exceptional customer service for independent paint businesses.

At Flip Runway, we deeply understand the power of cultivating strong relationships in the creative retail industry. With over fifty years of collective retail experience and seven years of specialised knowledge in the import and retail wholesale paint sector, our team of experts has nurtured solid connections with our valued business partners and trusted suppliers. We firmly believe that exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of establishing and nurturing successful business relationships. Providing top-notch support to our clients is a source of great pride for us.

As an independent paint retailer or professional painter, we recognise that your business has unique needs, and we are committed to tailoring our customer service and support to meet those needs precisely. We are dedicated to serving the UK paint retail industry and are excited to contribute to the growth and prosperity of your business. Choosing Flip Runway as your partner means experiencing the difference that comes from collaborating with a team that genuinely cares about your success and ROI.

Contact us today to explore the valuable support and guidance we offer for your independent paint business. Let us be your trusted partner in working towards your goals and unlocking your potential for success.



At Flip Runway, we recognise that running a successful paint business requires staying in tune and staying abreast of the latest industry trends. To support our clients in this endeavor, we offer a diverse range of resources and training. From online tutorials to in-person training sessions and industry-specific resources, we provide valuable tools to help our clients remain informed and up-to-date in the ever-evolving furniture paint industry. By aligning with the zeitgeist, we empower our clients to succeed in all aspects of their business.

Ready to embark on an exciting adventure that will ignite your creativity and propel your paint business to new heights? Look no further than the Paintpreneur® Newsletter, your ultimate source for inspiration, expert tips, and insider secrets.

Welcome to Our Team


This is the perfect space to introduce you to the remarkable individuals who drive our small family-run business. By getting to know our team, you’ll gain insight into the passionate people behind our operations and the exceptional service you can expect.

Why We Take Pride in Our Outstanding Team

We, Greg and Myra, are proud to have assembled a talented and dedicated team consisting of our daughter Josie, daughter-in-law Charlotte, and our esteemed virtual team members, Simon and Jenni. Together, they form the backbone of our small family-run business. With their combined skills, experience, and unwavering commitment, they ensure the delivery of top-notch products and services that exceed your expectations.


Accounts Manager, Client Happiness Extraordinaire & Social Media Engagement Specialist

As our dedicated Accounts Manager and the go-to person for client happiness, Charlotte brings a wealth of expertise to our team. With her strong organisational skills and attention to detail, she provides exceptional support to our stockists, ensuring smooth operations and outstanding client assistance. Charlotte has been an invaluable part of our team for nearly three years, consistently delivering top-notch service.

Additionally, she excels as our Social Media Engagement Specialist, skillfully managing our online presence, fostering meaningful connections, and creating engaging content.

Outside of work, you might find her indulging in her passion for refinishing or showcasing her DJ skills, adding a touch of energy and creativity to both her professional and personal endeavours.


Warehouse Coordinator Ninja and Client Happiness Extraordinaire

Meet Josie, our Warehouse Ninja and an indispensable asset to our operations. With her exceptional multitasking abilities and unwavering work ethic, Josie plays a vital role in ensuring the seamless functioning of our warehouse. Collaborating closely with Greg, she assists in various tasks and responsibilities, contributing to the overall efficiency and productivity of our operations. Josie’s dedication and commitment as a team player have been invaluable to us for the past three years, consistently showcasing her invaluable customer service skills and making significant contributions to our success.

Fun fact: Josie is not only a dedicated team member but also a mother of six, including two sets of twins! When she’s not working, she enjoys immersing herself in the world of rap and R&B music and indulging her passion for singing and cooking.

MEET OUR TEAM: Bringing Passion and Dedication

Introducing Our Virtual Team


Meet Simon and Jenni, Our Virtual Website and Content Management Experts

In the digital landscape, our virtual team members, Simon and Jenni, bring their specialised skills to enhance our online presence and ensure the seamless management of our content. Collaborating closely with Myra and the rest of our team, Simon and Jenni play crucial roles in shaping our brand identity and delivering engaging content to our audience.


Virtual Website Architect and Security Specialist

Collaborating closely with Myra, Simon assumes a pivotal role in guaranteeing the safety, seamless functionality, and captivating design of our websites. With his exceptional expertise and deep understanding of web development, Simon expertly constructs secure websites that meticulously adhere to Myra’s precise design specifications. The result is visually captivating and user-friendly online platforms that effortlessly showcase the essence of our brand and the excellence of our products.

Simon’s technical prowess extends beyond his ability to build websites. His unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every element, from the layout to the user interface, is thoughtfully crafted to deliver an exceptional user experience.

Together, Myra and Simon form a dynamic duo, combining their creative vision and technical expertise to craft visually stunning and functionally impeccable websites. Their collaboration and passion for web development extend beyond creating captivating websites. Myra and Simon also bring their expertise to designing our Paintpreneur® Academy membership experience. Together, they ensure that the design and functionality of our membership platform align seamlessly with our brand’s essence and values.


Content Calendar Manager, Social Media Strategist, and Design Specialist

Introducing Jenni, our Content Calendar Manager and Social Media Strategist. Collaborating closely with Myra (our Reel Maestro), Jenni plays a pivotal role in crafting engaging and compelling content for our online platforms.

She brings her expertise in content management and social media to the table, working closely with Myra to develop captivating materials that resonate with our audience. Jenni’s dedication to curating high-quality content, optimising our social media strategy, and collaborating with Myra significantly contributes to the overall success of our online presence. Together, they form a collaborative force that ensures our brand maintains a strong and engaging presence on social media platforms.

Jenni’s keen eye for design and strategic approach helps us create visually appealing content that captivates our audience and drives meaningful interactions. Her contributions to our social media efforts play a vital role in delivering a cohesive and impactful online experience for our followers.

As always a great service everything is packaged really well and fast delivery with tracking.

Helena Kearns – GINK DESIGN



Ready to take the next step? Connect with us today and let us help you unlock the full potential of your furniture paint business.

We offer a variety of ways to get in touch with our team, including a contact form, phone number, and email address. Whether you’re looking for information about our products and services, have a question about your order, or need help growing your business, we’re here to help.

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and building lasting relationships with our customers. We’re excited to connect with you and help you achieve your business goals. Don’t wait – get in touch today and let’s get started!

From PASSION to success: Our journey to EMPOWERING independent paint retailers

The STORY of Flip Runway.




Our journey started when we, Greg and Myra, embarked on a new chapter as husband and wife. With Greg’s expertise as an oil painter and skilled data analytics developer, and Myra’s creative background in the fashion and beauty industry – combined with a long history and passion for retail – we joined forces to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams.

Inspired by our passion for art and a deep longing to create something extraordinary, we embarked on a remarkable journey. We rebranded Greg’s art gallery and established The Derelict Art Gallery and Interiors, our very own shop. It was during this transformative period that Myra had the privilege of meeting Jennylyn Pringle, the visionary creator of Fusion Mineral Paint. Recognising her potential, Jennylyn extended an incredible opportunity for us to become the exclusive distributors of Fusion Mineral Paint products in the UK.

This pivotal moment became a turning point in our journey. Embracing the need for expansion and to better serve a wider audience, we underwent a transformative rebranding process, giving birth to Flip Runway Distribution. This newfound partnership and brand evolution propelled us into a phase of rapid growth, surpassing the limits of our storage units and original shop in no time.




As our journey progressed, we realised the need to expand our product line to better serve our valued customers. We proudly introduced renowned brands like Staalmeester and Cling On to our offerings, enhancing the range of quality products available through Flip Runway. This expansion marked an exciting milestone in our growth.

To accommodate this expansion and meet the increasing demand, we embarked on a search for a new space that would reflect the essence of Flip Runway. Our quest led us to discover a vintage unit nestled in the picturesque surroundings of Kent Science Park. With its charming blend of history and character, the unit perfectly encapsulated the unique spirit of our company, while providing ample warehouse and office spaces to support our operations.

As our journey continued to unfold, we recognised the need to welcome an additional team member who shared our passion and commitment to providing exceptional service. This marked a pivotal moment as we extended our family by welcoming our first team member, Melissa. With her expertise and dedication, we strengthened our ability to support our valued customers and ensure their satisfaction.




Driven by our rapid growth and the need for expanded operations, we made an exciting move to a new unit located at Stadium Business Park. This strategic relocation provided us with a larger space to accommodate our growing inventory and serve our valued customers more efficiently.

To celebrate our journey, we proudly introduced the Flip Runway Awards—a testament to our progress, appreciation for our loyal customers, and a showcase of the exceptional products and services that define Flip Runway. It’s our way of honoring and rewarding remarkable achievements in the furniture painting and refinishing industry. Fueled by our determination to address the absence of industry standards and dedicated recognition, we took action. We felt an undeniable calling to create a platform that celebrates the industry and pays tribute to the exceptional artists within it. The celebration reached new heights with a legendary warehouse party, forging unforgettable memories with our incredible community.

As our operations expanded, we recognised the critical need to build a highly skilled team committed to delivering excellence. We warmly welcomed Shane, Jordan, and Laura to the Flip Runway family, bolstering our team with their expertise and enthusiasm. Their addition strengthened our ability to enhance support and provide an exceptional experience for our valued customers. While we bid farewell to Melissa, her contributions will always be cherished.

In addition to these exciting developments, we were deeply honored to take on the distribution of Milk Paint by Fusion. This expansion further solidified our commitment to offering a diverse range of high-quality products, empowering our customers with a comprehensive selection to fuel their creativity.




Just as Flip Runway was reaching new heights, the unexpected impact of Covid-19 swept across the globe, demanding swift adaptation and resilience. We embraced the challenge, determined to navigate these uncharted waters and continue our growth trajectory.

To ensure uninterrupted operations, we swiftly secured a new warehouse adjacent to our existing unit. This expansion provided us with the additional space needed to meet the rising demands of our valued customers. During this period, as Jordan and Shane embarked on new endeavors, we wholeheartedly welcomed Simon to our team, alongside family members Josie and Charlotte. Their unwavering dedication and expertise have powerfully reinforced our capabilities, elevating our commitment to excellence.

While the pandemic thwarted our plans to establish a Training Academy, our unwavering spirit pushed us to explore alternative avenues for growth. Despite the challenges, we were resolute in our commitment to adapt and persevere. We transformed a part of our space into a versatile studio, allowing us to meet the evolving needs of our expanding business. Simultaneously, we expanded our office spaces, ensuring our team had the room and resources necessary to continue delivering exceptional service.

These adaptations enabled us to navigate the uncertainties of the times while maintaining our steadfast commitment to our customers and the creative retail community. The resilience of the Flip Runway team, combined with the unwavering support of our cherished suppliers, propelled us forward and reinforced our determination to thrive in the face of adversity.




As we forge ahead on our dynamic journey, we are delighted to unveil our latest venture: the online Paintpreneur® Academy. This groundbreaking platform is designed exclusively to empower our community, equipping them with invaluable resources and tools to excel in content marketing and create extraordinary customer journeys. Our mission is crystal clear—to ensure wholesale paint flipping becomes an undeniable success for our esteemed refinishing retailers and foster the growth of small creative businesses.

The Paintpreneur® Academy will continuously evolve to meet the ever-changing industry landscape. From comprehensive training modules to cutting-edge marketing materials, we are committed to providing our tribe with the knowledge and strategies they need to thrive.

But that’s just the beginning. At Flip Runway, we deeply appreciate the remarkable talent and craftsmanship within the refinishing industry. In recognition of these exceptional individuals, we are proud to reintroduce the Flip Runway Refinishing Awards. With a new venue and an upcoming, yet-to-be-announced event, we aim to shine a dazzling spotlight on the very best in the industry, celebrating those who embody excellence in their craft. Through their remarkable work, we inspire and elevate the entire community.

The future of Flip Runway holds endless possibilities. We are resolute in our commitment to pushing boundaries, fostering innovation, and supporting the growth of our community. Together, we will redefine industry standards, empower fellow creatives, and cultivate a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures success.

Join us as we embark on this thrilling chapter of our journey. Together, we will shape the future of the industry, celebrate extraordinary talent, and inspire one another to reach unprecedented heights.

Welcome to the future of Flip Runway.




Ready to embark on an amazing journey in the furniture paint industry? Look no further than Flip Runway! We’re all about your success, guiding you every step of the way. Join us on this exciting path to unleash your creativity, with top-notch paint products, expert support, and industry-specific resources at your fingertips. Let’s unlock your full potential and thrive in any economy. Get in touch today to learn more and start this incredible adventure with us!

Paintpreneur® [Paint x Entrepreneur] A person who expertly crafts the business of paint. [Paintpreneurism]



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